Wednesday, July 27, 2005

RxKinetix – Dynamic Drug Delivery Technologies

Traveling further down the Boulder Turnpike bio corridor leads one to the steps of RxKinetix, a specialty pharmaceutical company, who is focused upon a proprietary platform of drug delivery technologies. Under the leadership of Harry Ross, MD, President and CEO, a diverse portfolio of pre-clinical and clinical opportunities has been developed.

The lead product, RK-0202 currently in Phase II clinical trials, target indication is the prophylaxis of oral mucositis in patients receiving aggressive chemotherapy to the head and neck. Up to 80% of patients receiving such treatment develop mucositis which is characterized by erosive lesions of the tongue which may ultimately permit bacteria and fungi to invade and cause systemic infections.

Additional emerging products include ProGelz™, whose proprietary drug delivery technology may substantially improve the delivery of hematopoietic growth factors to patients with cancer who are treated with myelosuppressive chemotherapy. The hematopoietic growth factor market is greater than $2 billion and ProGelz™ brings with it advantages of simplified manufacturing, reduced cost of goods and, a true sustained release mechanism.

Great strides are being made in the ProJuvant™ vaccine program, a mucosal vaccination alternative to needle injections aimed at combating infectious disease in emerging countries by eliminating blood contamination hazards and the need for highly trained medical personnel for administration. Likewise the Miconix™, a particle formulation process that produces free flowing powders with no residual solvents, business channel shows tremendous promise with broad therapeutic compound applicability.

RxKinetix has been supported by MedVenture Associates, Elan Corporation, Plc., and Aweida Venture Management


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