Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boulder, CO: An RNA State of Mind

Living in Boulder, Colorado one can’t help but be an RNA fan. What with the Nobel Prize winning work of Tom Cech (who I plan to next highlight in my Colorado Entrepreneur Profiles) for the discovery of catalytic properties of RNA, to the work being done at Sirna where RNAi technology is being used to develop a new class of therapeutics targeting human disease, to Steve Scaringe of Dharmacon for developing and commercializing a new technology for RNA oligonucleotide synthesis (2’-ACE RNA chemistry). There is no doubt…Boulder is RNA town.

With RNA on the mind I came across an interesting webcast on titled Advances in Vector-based RNAi. You will have to register with to either listen or read the .pdf transcript but it is free and takes all of sixty-seconds. If you dig RNA you’ll dig this webcast.

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