Monday, April 10, 2006

Mayhem at Myogen?

So what the heck is going on at Myogen today?

The company announced that ambrisentan met its primary goal of helping people increase the amount of exercise they could do, and doing so without hurting their livers. Two great data points. Good news right? Share price zooms right? Well good news but not good enough as MYOG spent the day heading to a three month low on the day they also reported a big BUT…but the drug failed to significantly increase the time to clinical worsening observed in that study population.

One may view this pull back, based essentially on the failure to live up to the rock-star like data that ambrisentan had previously reported, as an entry opportunity to take a position or perhaps some dollar-cost averaging. (Note: this is not investment advice, I am not a pro nor do I plan one on TV).

Expectations and pressures are seemingly so high it is important, to the extant that it is possible, to put blinders on to what the street is saying and just drive the bus to an approved product. Some are saying ambrisentan, given todays report, that it won't take as much market share as previously thought from a rival drug Tracleer, from Switzerland-based Actelion. I say what if it does?

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