Sunday, September 17, 2006

MycoLogics: SJVF Vax Proof-of-Concept

MycoLogics, Inc., an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the development of novel therapeutic and prophylactic vaccines, announced that its prophylactic vaccine against coccidioidomycosis, also known as San Joaquin Valley Fever (SJVF), demonstrated statistically significant proof-of-concept results in an animal (murine, n=39) model assay. The animal model data demonstrated the low-dose efficacy of MycoLogics’ proprietary prophylactic vaccine and concurrently yielded a hazard ratio of 50%. Such hazard data indicated that the chance of dying from the cocci challenge in the group treated with the vaccine was one-half of that of the control (PBS) treated group. “These results are very exciting and allow us to move forward in the clinical development of a canine vaccine against Valley Fever” said Dr. Claude P. Selitrennikoff, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of MycoLogics, Inc.

SJVF is endemic in the southwestern US including California and parts of Mexico and South America. Inhalation of airborne spores after disturbance of soil exposes people. The incidence of the disease was 15/100,000 in Arizona in 1995. Of persons living in areas with endemic disease, between 10% and 50% have been skin tested positive. In addition to humans a variety of animals, from companion pets to food animals are susceptible to SJVF. All 5.2 million registered dogs in the U.S. southwest endemic area are at risk and the clinical infection rate is between 6% and 20% per year.

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