Monday, December 18, 2006

Shameless Self Plug: OnBioVC

I have been blogging here at Colorado Life Science Deal Flow (CLSDF) since May of 2005. My foray into the blogosphere was catalyzed by observing little orange RSS & XML chicklets all around the web. This curiosity about new technology led to building something that has become unexpectedly and simultaneously valuable and rewarding.

Rewind a few weeks to my conversation with a former managing director of a successful life science venture capital firm turned CEO (again). This distinguished gentlemen, who shall remain nameless (for the time being), was smartly complimentary of CLSDF :-) . The heaping praise was very much appreciated however, then came the inevitable “BUT”. He mentioned that there does not appear to be anyone blogging about the entire bio VC landscape; CLSDF is obviously very geographically niche.

So with that in mind…OnBioVC was born (

Not being certain where this path may lead it will undoubtedly be a fun experiment…

I’ve added a side-rail animated headline scrolling link to OnBioVC. I hope you will subscribe to the new OnBioVC RSS feed (and the CLSDF feed; let me know if you require any assistance with subscribing to RSS feeds) and enjoy the content there, please send me any comments.

On another note: I will be taking a little breather from posting and thus I'm signing off from the blogosphere until ’07.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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