Thursday, February 22, 2007

Marshmallow Pit? Oh My!

Sometimes I simply forget how beautiful Colorado is. It is especially easy to do when Boulder’s Flatirons frame the daily experience. Getting up to the high country for the VC in the Rockies meeting did enable some moments of pause to recalibrate…stop, look and listen. It was easy to do at the Ritz Carlton – Bachelor Gulch (near Vail, CO). Step outside of the conference and one is immediately greeted by the most awe inspiring happy snow soaked slopes, big blue sky, warm sun and it did not hurt to listen to the live music playing at the crossroads of the heated pool, bar-patio, and fire pit at 8,100 ft. Add to it the white glove service where each turn I made I was met by a marshmallow on a stick to head over to the fire pit with, then a hot apple cider and finally perhaps the best warm chocolatechip-peanutbutter cookie I’ve ever had in my life. I was quickly reminded of what a blessing it is to be living in Colorado, add to that the accelerating life science community as evidenced by the incredible company presentations, sum it all up and you get heaven on earth.

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