Friday, August 24, 2007

Infinite Loop…Infinite Appreciation!

Wow…Denise Brown, Executive Director of the Colorado BioScience Association just informed me that a link to CLSDF has been placed on the CBSA home page; without a doubt the most prominent link-back this blog has received. Perhaps too some validation of the content being produced here. The team at CBSA is doing incredible work of aggregating the growing Colorado life science community and delivering to it highly relevant quality content that is being voraciously gobbled up, as evidenced by the recent standing room only attendance at the med device symposium BioBreakfast.

I would also like to take this opportunity for a quick reminder that you can easily sign-up for email delivery of CLSDF updates via email, simply drop your email in the box in the side-rail and click subscribe. And finally keep your news scoops, company info, comments and criticism coming, email me here.

Again, infinite thanks to CBSA and infinite thanks to the CLSDF readers!

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