Monday, October 01, 2007

CO Bio Ecosystem Breaking New Ground!

Thanks to Larry Nelson and W3W3 for producing this fantastic interview with Rick Silva, acting Director of Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners, Inc. (FBBp).

Interview excerpt:

Dr. Silva says, "It takes broad and incredibly specialized skills to build a biomedical product. Ours is the most regulated industry on Earth. Our products are among the most complex to develop, and the least likely to have a customer. Getting it right takes a village." Larry asked Rick, How can entrepreneurs hedge their bets? "Build an experienced and capable team that has a record of getting things done. Ask for help! Find advisors (many willing to help a little for free) with relevant experience in your industry and product area. They will have the contacts and experience to help you with your commercial roadmap. If you have a credible plan, have talked to your customers and partners, you will be prepared to answer questions VCs will have. FBBp is central in this ecosystem and can bring domain advisors." Is FBBp an incubator? "Not really, we are a venture development organization. Let me explain."
Take a listen to the entire interview (here)!

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