Monday, November 19, 2007

Chemizon: CO Drug Discovery Platform

If Chemizon had not been on your radar well consider yourself now in the loop…if you have been looking for a local drug discovery platform then look no further than Longmont’s Chemizon. Back in 2006 Tony Piscopio, Ph.D. who co-founded Array Biopharma (NASDAQ: ARRY) departed to found Chemizon.

Chemizon is a provider of drug discovery and development capabilities to the pharmaceutical industry combining a vertically integrated discovery platform with a flexible, collaborative business model to develop best-in-class clinical candidates. Expertise spans a broad range of therapeutic areas and target classes. Stand alone services available include: lead optimization, library design and synthesis, custom synthesis, radiolabeling, ADME profiling, analytical method development and process chemistry.

A sophisticated merger took place in 1H07 whereby Chemizon and Optomagic, a Korean optical communication and cable company, merged and simultaneous to that was an agreement to sell the business unit of Optomagic to Taihan Electric, also based in Korea. Subsequently significant hard and soft assets of Chemizon are found in Seoul, South Korea and more recently a third research facility was opened in Beijing, China. How about that for a Colorado reach into Asia?

A number of deals and collaborations have been announced with the likes of Crystal Genomics, Takeda Pharmaceutical and most recently with Array Biopharma to provide various medicinal chemistry services.

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