Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Aurogen: IGF’s and Airplay

Last week Aurogen (Ft. Collins) was featured on KUNC 91.5. Jim Beers of KUNC asked Northern Colorado Business Report Editor Tom Hacker about the company.

Listen to the full story on MP3 (here).

Aurogen is focused upon the unknown causation of sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease that afflicts 95% of all cases. The company asks the question that if genetic, why then do symptoms not emerge for often up to six decades? The Aurogen hypothesis is that Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) brain protection is slowly lost with aging, leading to the impairment of learning and memory functions and further, that specific decline in IGF levels in Alzheimer’s or diabetes may cause dementia. The team at Aurogen lead by President & CEO Robert Caspari, MD (most recently served as Senior VP of Commercial Ops and Medical Affairs at Myogen (now Gilead (NASDAQ: GILD) and prior to that as VP and GM of BioPharmaceuticals for Novo Nordisk(NYSE: NOVO)) and scientific-founder Douglas Ishii, Ph.D. believe IGF provides a unique possibility to slow and/or prevent the progression of brain atrophy as well as the cognitive disorders in Alzheimer’s.

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