Friday, December 21, 2007

CLSDF 2007: And That’s A Wrap!

Another amazing year is in the books for me and CLSDF! What resonates most is the incredible people who I am honored to interact with on a daily basis. Sure there is the business of the business to take care of, but it is always important to recall that the intent of this community is to cure disease and save lives. Sometimes that common denominator gets lost in the daily shuffle. What better way to dedicate ones life than to the effort to help the sick. Walking through the lobby of the beautiful new Children’s Hospital yesterday was an emotionally powerful reminder of just how lucky one is to be gifted with a healthy mind and body. It is a very special group of people in Colorado who I have been blessed to work with in addition to the doctors of discovery, that includes a significant layer of folks who go to work every day to enable the shepparding of scientific discovery to commercialization, from financiers, attorneys, legislators, consultants, executives, students, technology transfer experts and everyone in between, it truly takes a village to bring a drug to market. To all of you, too many to name here, I say thank you for what you do and for allowing me to be a small part of this important process.

Looking at 2008 I could not be more excited:

  • CLSDF will emerge with a new look and feel
  • Will be viewable in any browser you happen to be browsing in
  • A variety of new topical series will be initiated that will dig deep into the business of biotech
  • Will become more interactive with our growing community via CLSDF beat reporters knocking on doors and bringing you intimate interviews with prominent people in the community
  • A new highly interactive commenting system
...just to name a few.

So thank you, loyal readers, for your support and inspiration to grow and continue to develop CLSDF.


...bigger and better than ever.

Until then, enjoy the season and wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


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