Tuesday, December 18, 2007

CLSDF: We Want You!

That’s right, Colorado Life Science Deal Flow is in heavy recruiting mode, searching the Rocky Mountain region high and low, far and wide to assemble a crack team of beat reporters in order to cast a wider net in 2008. In the New Year CLSDF will stop at nothing to look under every eppendorf tube rack, in every cold room, and at every lab meeting to bring you the juicy stories…that’s right…CLSDF is going to dig in early and look upstream by roaming the halls of academia to bring you all of the news, breakthroughs and well yes, the inevitable breakdowns.

So…if you have an interest in bio and in writing, and are looking for your big break in the blogosphere then listen closely because as you can hear opportunity is definitely knocking. Who knows, this could be a springboard for that book you always wanted to write and when accepting your Pulitzer you may talk about how it all started for you at CLSDF. For more information (contact) CLSDF Department of Human Resources immediately for more information or to express interest in joing the CLSDF team for 2008.

Note: Additional changes are in store for 2008 at CLSDF including an entire site overhaul which means this blog will look pretty in every type of browser (including internet explore!) as well as a new logo and branding. New features and series will also be available, and perhaps some new voices too!

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