Monday, December 03, 2007

Gen Eng News: More CO Action!

If memory serves me correctly I have waxed on in the past about my affinity for Genetic Engineering News and often highlighted the journal when a Colorado company ended up in print there. Well the love story continues with the 15 November issue where Carol Potera composed a three-page treatise on the Colorado Science + Technology Park @ Fitzsimons and beyond.

A few companies highlighted include 1) MBC Pharma who is focused upon bone disease such as osteoporosis and cancer metastases, patients who die from breast, prostate or lung cancer have bone metastases and, presentation with bone metastases is correlated with shorter survival 2) MycoLogics, a company near and dear to my heart that is among other pursuits focused upon developing prophylactic and therapeutic approaches to Leishmaniasis, a disease where 350 million people in developing countries are at risk. 3) Caveo Therapeutics who is working on the discovery and development of biopharmaceuticals to treat and cure hematalogic conditions by inhibiting certain families of tyrosine kinases 4) ARCA Discovery who is developing genetically targeted therapies for heart failure and other cardiovascular disease, an NDA for bucindolol is expected to be filed shortly, and finally 5) Lohocla Research is a discovery and development company specializing in addiction, neurological disorders and related biomarkers for companion diagnostics.

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