Friday, December 07, 2007

Golden Ticket to VC Network!

Many thanks to Brad Feld, Managing Director of the Boulder-based Foundry Group for the golden ticket to the Feedburner Venture Capital Network, now the posts here on CLSDF will be incorporated into an aggregation of venture capital (and related bloggers) content. You may subscribe via email or RSS to all of this daily goodness (here).

Likewise my appreciation to the other 80 VC’s and many more subscribers of the Network who are now tolerating, if no at least skimming past, my musings. To any new potential readers the connection to the network comes via my work with Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners and High Country Venture.

Today I am at Day 2 of the BioWest conference ready for the Venture Showcase, more on that to come. VCN, Here we go…

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