Wednesday, January 09, 2008

CLSDF: 2 Lijit To Quit Search!

Returning to the theme of new features available on CLSDF 2.0 please note the embedded Lijit search bar located on the side-rail. So what is it you ask? Good question. Our friends at Lijit world headquarters in Boulder were googling around the web one day when suddenly the light bulb went on…What if searching on the web worked the way it did in real life?

For example, when people search for information in real life, the first step is typically to seek out a trusted resource, a ‘qualified’ colleague, and if such an individual was not beholden of the information sought then likely some member in that colleague’s social network may very well. The notion is that at some point through a highly relevant social search an answer is acquired that is trusted, because it came from a source that is trusted.

That is the mechanism behind the Lijit search platform. Again for example, for some crazy reason you viewed the content provided here by CLSDF as a trusted source and by association other content created by me appearing elsewhere on the web, and layer on the assumption that likewise via the communicative property all the content created by all the members of my social network too, well then Lijit may be a new consideration for you when you set out to search for information on the web.

Using the power of people, their content, and their connections, Lijit enhances the way one may search for and discover information on the internet. An individual serves as a filter for all of the results you could possibly receive, ensuring you only receive the most relevant results from the trusted source, just like it works in real life.

So I encourage you to give it a shot, enter a search element for some info that you may want to ask me. Was I or someone in my network able to provide a relevant and trusted answer?
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