Sunday, January 13, 2008

CLSDF: New Monthly Newsletter

The people speak and CLSDF responds! I have received feedback from a number of folks who are excited to welcome the CLSDF posts via email but have noted that the (daily) content is simply too voluminous for some inboxes. Well I am happy to announce that a work-around has been derived in the form of the CLSDF Monthly Newsletter.

To receive the CLSDF Monthly Newsletter simply enter your email address in the new Monthly CLSDF Newsletter subscription box located in the side-rail. After signing up for the CLSDF Monthly Newsletter be certain to click on the verification email you should receive after entering your email. If the verification email does not appear in your inbox be certain to check your junk mail box as well. Note: the same activation email must be clicked to receive the daily emails too. So if you have signed up and are having problems with the daily or monthly subscription please let me know arubenstein [at] rnaventures [dot] com and we'll get it working for you.

***Update*** Be sure to get your vote in for the CLSDF Readers Company of the Year Award. GlobeImmune continues to add to its commanding lead. Voting ends on 31 January.

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