Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tensegrity Prosthetics: Investor Demo Day!

If you are ready to see some extraordinary next generation medical device technology then be certain to make it down to tomorrow’s Tensegrity Prosthetics Investor Demo Day. Founder and technology architect Jerome Rifkin will be on hand to direct the demo and address all inquires from engineering to capital sourcing.

With an excitingly demonstrable experience,

Tensegrity Prosthetics is bringing its revolutionary new foot prosthesis

To the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship.

We will temporarily transform you, giving you new legs,

So that you can experience walking as a double amputee.

One of your new feet is an industry standard carbon fiber foot.

Your other foot is the next “gold standard” of prosthetic feet, the new Tensegrity foot.

Discover for yourself which foot is more lifelike,

and feel the future of prosthetics today.

Friday 18 January
2:30 - 4:00 PM
Bard Center for Entrepreneurship
Business School University Colorado Denver and Health Sciences Center
535 16th Street Suite 300
(Located on the downtown 16th Street Mall)

Parking is available in the underground structure of the Denver Pavilions. Parking entrance is located on the right side of Welton Street between 15th and 16th Streets.

***Update*** Be sure to get your vote in for the CLSDF Readers Company of the Year Award. BaroFold has some catching up to do if they are to sweep the CU TTO and CLSDF Company of the Year awards. Voting ends on 31 January.

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