Monday, February 25, 2008

HB08-1001: Takes A Huge ($2M) Leap!

Our community is feverishly watching the progress of House Bill 1001. CLSDF began a series (here). A by-product of this process has been really learning the nuts and bolts of the legislative process and the lengthy and twisting journey a bill must endure to become law. HB1001’s most recent stop following its 9 January Introduction to the House, and then the 30 January vote by the House Committee on Finance then sent the bill on 22 February to the House Committee on Appropriations where some amendments were incorporated, one of which was to increase the allocation from $3.5M per year to approximately $5.5M per year (over five years). Incredibly exciting news!!! This increase is an indication of importance that the bio science industry holds among the State’s leadership.

All aboard, tickets please…next stop House Committee of the Whole.

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