Monday, March 10, 2008

CLSDF: Subscriber Growth Update

I like to announce every time CLSDF adds another 100 subscribers; the blog is now north of 400. Infinite appreciation to all of you for subscribing, your feedback (positive and negative) is treasured and motivating.

If you find CLSDF to be of continuing value than I ask that you inform your friends and colleagues about the resource and let them know how easy it is to become a subscriber. Thank you!

A few other quick reminders:

  1. If you are interested in forwarding a particular post simply click on ‘Email This’ tab at the bottom of each post
  2. At the bottom of each post are also options to add a particular post to your DEL.ICIO.US, Facebook, Digg or StubleUpon accounts
  3. Looking to do some networking? Be certain to attend the next BioBeers, more info (HERE)
  4. If you are looking for the CLSDF, 2007 – What’s In A Year? ebook you can read it (HERE)
  5. Have a start-up or looking for some start-up help? Then contact Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners with your needs (HERE)
Finally, thank you all for your continued support. The Colorado life science ecosystem is positioned at a unique time and place filled with inspiring entrepreneurs and skilled and passionate people who help move discovery along the path towards commercialization; I am both honored and humbled to be along for the ride as Colorado ascends towards greatness.

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