Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alphasniffer is now BiOptix

It is not the first, will not be the last, name change that is. Alphasniffer (Boulder) has announced a new corporate identity, introducing…BiOptix. This modification in moniker echoes how the Colorado life science ecosystem is certainly maturing from a research and discovery engine to the logical progression of more of a commercialization focus, this second corporate name change announced in 2008 validates our regions evolution.

Corporate re-branding is not unique to the life sciences. I’ve listed a few name changes that you may or may not have been aware of. See how many of the list below you would have guessed correctly, the names on the left were the predecessors:

WAS Anderson Consulting IS Acenture
WAS Philip Morris IS Altria
WAS KPMG IS Bearing Point
WAS Backrub IS Google
WAS Computing Tabulating & Recording IS IBM
WAS Kentucky Fried Chicken IS KFC
WAS Jerry’s Guide to the WWW IS Yahoo
WAS United Telephone IS Sprint
WAS Tokyo Telecom IS Sony
WAS Brad’s Drink IS Pepsi
WAS Matsushita Electric IS Panasonic

BiOptix, established in 2003, is developing a proprietary technology for real-time, sensitive, label-free detection of medically and commercially important molecules such as DNA, proteins, toxins, contaminants and other compounds. Applications using this broad technology platform include real-time detection instruments for markets such as medical research, personalized medicine and diagnostics, pharmaceutical process control, defense and homeland security, and numerous other industrial demands. The core technology, known as SPR-CPI, was invented at BiOptix by Dr. John Hall, 2005 Physics Nobel Prize Laureate. Congratulations to Misha Plam, Slava Petropavlovskikh, Oyvind Nilsen and the entire team at BiOptix for achieving this maturation milestone!

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