Friday, May 09, 2008

BioBootCamp Day 1: Getting In Shape

It was buzz cuts and pushups, nuts and bolts, project management and IP protection, reimbursement and regulatory, & compliance and management teams all crammed into Day 1 of BioBootCamp, whoa, I am exhausted and we are only half-way through. Yes sir! Not only has the content been fantastic and the presenters polished, motivated and interactive but something interesting has happened this year on the recruit side…attendance has more than doubled from years past, and now the once vast double conference room, provided by the very gracious hosts at Holland and Hart, appears to be bursting at the seams, even with the no-shows (more laps for you when you arrive today). It was a wonderful feeling to look around the room and not recognize so many people. My take home after Day 1 is that there is even a higher interest/activity in entrepreneurial endeavors than anticipated. The room was bursting with MD’s, Ph.D.’s, MD/Ph.D.’s not to mention the MBA’s, industry folks, soon-to-be, first-time and serial-entrepreneurs…just an absolutely wonderful cross-section in attendance. Looking forward to Day 2…I had better start stretching.

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