Monday, May 05, 2008

It’s Starting to Look a lot Like BIO…

The pre-event planning material for the BIO 2008 conference is pouring in fast and furious. (Do you plan to attend? Would you like to meet? Please contact me to arrange So whilst perusing the Product Focus Zone publication I was incredibly excited to see BaroFold (Boulder) highlighted in the Protein Therapeutics chapter. Jeff Cleland, Ph.D., VP of Therapeutic Development will be presenting BaroFold at this year’s BIO and was heavily quoted throughout the chapter highlighting the protein therapeutics market and in particular the proprietary PreEMT protein refolding technology that incorporates the use of high hydrostatic pressure to force water between protein molecules causing the dissociation of aggregates and thereby forcing the protein into its most compact form. Traditional aggregate removal techniques as part of the manufacturing process include chaotropic agents like guanidine hydrocholoride or urea to solubilize hydrophobic proteins which must then be removed. The PreEMT technology reduces the complexity of the manufacturing process and improves the quality of the protein therapeutic by increasing yield, homogeneity, stability and reducing production cost.

In other recent BaroFold news Mr. Jon Saxe, JD, LLM has joined the Board of Directors. Most recently Mr. Saxe was President of PDL Biopharma (NASDAQ: PDLI), then Protein Design Labs.

Finally, BaroFeron, a proprietary recombinant human interferon beta being developed for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, is expected to enter Phase I trials in 2H08. BaroFeron may be differentiated from other interferon-beta products by improved safety and greater bioavailability enabled by BaroFold's proprietary PreEMTTM technology.

It is exciting to see Colorado already shinning on the global BIO stage. Plenty more to come on BIO…

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