Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BioBeers Tonight: Be There or Beware

But before you attend BioBeers be certain to attend the Colorado Bioscience Association BioBoulder Networking Reception 5:30 – 7:00 at Rembrandt Yard. More info (HERE). Then just when you think it is time to head home for dinner, enjoy a summer evening with the family and walk the dog beware, because it is actually time for BioBeers 7:00 – ?, just a few blocks away at the Foundry Roof-top Deck. More info (HERE). It is an all night BioBoulder networking extravaganza.

There is also a little wrinkle thrown in for tonight. We are holding an informal poll to help determine where to feature the next BioBeers, how can you cast your vote? Simple…if you are a Denverite headed north for the night check in with me and if you are a Ft. Collinsite headed south for the night check in with me. If more friends from the north arrive at BioBeers then it is Ft. Collins for July, if more friends from the south arrive at BioBeers then it is Denver for July, and if it is a tie then it is back to Boulder for July.

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