Tuesday, June 17, 2008

myBIO2008 Mobile = Value-add

Technology has permeated all aspects of BIO2008, one of the coolest additions is the myBIO mobile addition, this offering may come in handy (pun intended) for all of you Blackberry and iPhone addicts. The value proposition is multifold, in the palm of your hand one may simply:

  • Locate exhibitors and booth numbers
  • Locate sessions (by date/time/place)
  • Build a ‘visit plan’
  • Even book reservations for hotels, restaurants or call a cab
I’ve installed myBIO on my Blackberry Curve. It took a little tinkering to get up and running and perhaps these hints my make your installation efforts seamless.
  1. Before you start have your badge number handy (you can find this on your registration confirm email or if you have it already the number is hanging around your neck)
  2. If you have a US cell number there is no country code necessary
  3. Enter your mobile number (HERE) to get going (if the link is broken copy/paste http://mybio.boopsie.com/v2/txt/
  4. A text will be sent to your device, click on the link
  5. Be certain to then select the corresponding download option that correlates with your devices operating system. This is where problems may occur if you select the wrong version to install. Not to fret however, if the wrong version is installed simply uninstall, find the correct version and install
  6. Once installed be certain to reboot your device
Finally, the application icon on your mobile desktop is called “Boopsie”, click on that and you are off to the races. Enjoy. If you are having problems shoot me an email at arubenstein@rnaventures.com.

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