Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Something Funny on the Way to a Breakout Session

Sitting in amazement of the logistical tango displayed by the BIO organizers on just exactly how does one feed 20,000+ attendees in a sophisticated and elegant manner, needless to say the Keynote Luncheon #1 was executed to perfection. Whilst hacking away at a blog post my PC endured the dreaded blue screen of death. What’s worse is that the drive has spun out into an infinite loop of blue-screen-reboot-repeat. Not so funny…luckily I have access to the beautifully appointed BIO media/press room. Thank you BIO! So the posts may not come as fast and furiously as was anticipated. Oh well, best laid plans of mice and men…

A reader of the AR Post’s will undoubtedly pick up a common denominator, that being Colorado, for obvious reasons, as I write the Colorado Life Science Deal Flow blog. I could barely contain my excitement while in the first Breakout Session Do You Have a Clue What Big Pharma is Looking For?, not one, not two but three Colorado companies/assets were mentioned in the first few breaths of the panelists, they being:

Array Biopharma

Whilst departing lunch, head hung low as a result of my technological woes with one seemingly former laptop, I could not make it a ten-feet without running into a few more Colorado biocompatriots including Dan Stinchcomb, President & CEO of InViragen and Rick Silva, Director of the University of Colorado Technology Transfer Office .

Back to the Breakout Sessions Finance Track for Ice Cold to Red Hot: Turn-Around in the Diagnostics Value Proposition. Hope to see you at the party tonight on the USS Midway.

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