Monday, August 31, 2009

The Best $200 You Can Spend on 9/17!

If you have not heard about the upcoming Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference at the Ritz Carlton – Denver on 17 September, yet, you sure will get an earful about it here at CLSDF.

Today’s post particularly applies to those companies who have applied to present at the RMLSIC and were not selected as well as those entities who have not applied (perhaps you thought you were not ready to present yet?). Knowing that capital raising in our world is essentially, well…essential, the perspective of institutional life science investors is key in helping to highlight and address the critical “commercially relevant” questions that an early-stage entity must focus upon in order to efficiently leverage finite resources.

Denver will play host to 16 (at least) funds at the RMLSIC. By spending $200, for entities spun-out of universities (or $500 for companies without university affiliations) you can sign up for the RMLSIC BioPartnering Program – the program goal is to provide an opportunity to meet one-on-one with investors who are (believe it or not…) very interested to hear, comment and perhaps criticize what you have cooking in the lab. These VC’s are keenly aware of how “early” your entity is, and they are more than OK with that because there is an opportunity to help suggest a commercial trajectory – after all though the experiments you are planning for or running might make for a cool paper in Nature they very likely may not yield the data that can lead to a partnering deal with big pharma or a Series A financing - as such having the opportunity to influence your design today may make your company "investable" tomorrow.

So go to RMLSIC BioPartnering and find out what you don’t know! Why you could not even get to San Fran or Boston for $200! Here is an opportunity to secure high-quality meetings with high-quality investors in your own backyard. Without a doubt this is the best money you can spend on 9/17!

For more information and to sign-up contact the wonderful folks at CBSA:

April Giles
Leah Kientz
(303) 592-4073


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