Monday, September 28, 2009

OnBioVC | July '09 Trend Analysis Available

Hot off the press! (and, better late than never…) The July 2009 OnBioVC | Trend Analysis study is now available for FREE via download [HERE]. Over $668M flowed into early-stage biopharma, diagnostic and device companies in the seventh month of 2009 and over $3,821M year-to-date! Find out who is investing in what and where.

Word on the street is that money is sitting on the sideline, not willing to be put to work in early-stage life science companies. A quick sort of the July data at shows that perhaps such a thesis is not on point; why in 31 days observed were 8 Series A financings raising $59.7M, or 1 in 5 deals were done as an entities first institutional round, throw in the B’s and we are talking 54% of July deals accounting for $326.4M.

A little trick for leveraging the data found at OnBioVC; say you are a pre-clinical oncology company looking to identify potential investors…simply go to the drop-down box on, select “X-Oncology”, observe the list of “Series A” financings then wa-la, you will find in each post all of the participating investors and hyperlinks to their sites. If you have any questions or problems on how to effectively mine the data at OnBioVC shoot me an email at Wishing you statistically significant data!

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