Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tape-Delay from the RMLSIC | Part I

I had the best intentions of bringing up to the minute information flowing through CLSDF from the content rich Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference however, during the first company presentation slot it quickly became apparent that due to the richness of the subject matter in order to keep up I had to turn off the laptop and turn on my brain. So with that said here is an overview recap of the presenting entities broken out by biopharma, device and diagnostic companies. So without further adieu here are the Dx entities who presented:

Applied Microarrays
– In 2007 Tempe, AZ-based AM acquired the microarray assets of GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE); the core technology capabilities include design and production of DNA and protein microarrays, circulating tumor cell capture microarrays and, expertise in surface chemistries, capture probe design, precision piezoelectric printing, assay optimization and reagent formulation.

Axial Biotech – Salt Lake City, UT-based AB ScolioScore™ AIS prognostic test is the first molecular Dx DNA-based assay for spinal disorders. The prognostic is a clinically validated test with a 99% negative predictive value that determines the likelihood of severe spine curve progression for children diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. The product is being marketed by DePuy Spine, a Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) company.

Beacon Biotechnology – Aurora, CO-based BB BrightSPOT System™ point-of-care diagnostic microarray chip enables up to 100 simultaneous diagnostic assays to be performed simultaneously with a single blood or other fluid sample. The handheld reader instrument moves the laboratory to the bedside. Initial therapeutic foci is on infectious diseases and diabetes.

Biodesix – Broomfield, CO-based BD is a developer of Dx tests using their proprietary platform based upon mass spectrometry. The company is advancing the revolution in personalized medicine, providing physicians with clinical information that assists with the diagnosis of disease and selecting appropriate and effective therapeutic treatments. The first product, VeriStrat®, a simple blood test used by oncologists to assist in decision making while treating non-small cell lung cancer, was marketed in 2008.

Castle Biosciences
– Friendswood, TX-based CB is a biomarker-based oncology multivariate molecular Dx company focusing on orphan cancers. Their first product, DecisionDx-GBM, was taken to market in 1Q09 and targets glioblastoma multiforme, the most common form of primary brain cancer. The DecisionDx-LEA product is currently in clinical development.

High Throughput Genomics – Tuscon, AZ-based HTG is a commercial stage diagnostic company offering the quantitative Nuclease Protection Assay (qNPA™) Gene Expression Platform, a multiplexed, lysis-only assay of mRNA and miRNA with no RNA extraction, no labeling and no amplification required.

– Salt Lake City, UT-based LG is target validation stage specialty Dx company offering tests for Autism, Osteoporosis, COPD and Multiple Sclerosis that leverage its access to the biomarker discovery research platform provided by the Utah Genetic Research Project and the Utah Population Database.

nanoMR – Albuquerque, NM-based NMR is developing a Dx for the detection and identification of bacteria and fungi in blood, the primary cause of sepsis. The assay, promising results in as little as one hour uses immune-labeling to attach magnetic beads to the blood borne pathogens that are then detected via nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.

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