Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Term Sheet | ‘Don’t Miss’ Seminars

There are a couple of upcoming seminars that are architected to yield some sophisticated insight on typically complex issues around financing early-stage life science companies. The first event courtesy of the Colorado Bioscience Association is Negotiating the Venture Term Sheet (25 September 9am, @ Cooley Godward – to RSVP or for more info click [HERE]). This will be a mock role-play term sheet negotiation providing perspective from both sides of the table as well as some tips on how to resolve impasses. The second event courtesy of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and Holland & Hart is Fundraising and Securities Law (14 October 7:30am, @ Bioscience Park Center – to RSVP or for more info contact Molly Edwards This seminar is focused on understanding securities laws related to fundraising from an angel investor (not VC/PE/IB) perspective (qualified accredited investors).

Aggregated below are some insights on common terms within the term sheet provided courtesy of local Boulder VC Brad Feld. Though Brad is focused on IT investing naturally there is plenty ‘o relevant overlap on the life science entity term sheets. This content should provide you with a solid foundation and load you up with relevant questions to bring to the seminars.

Keep in mind however how asymmetric views may be brought forth by all of these resources. I would love to use Colorado Life Science Deal Flow to facilitate a deeper conversation focused on fundraising, including Angel/VC/PE/IB/etc. So if you have thoughts and/or experiences to share please leave a comment at the bottom of this post at or email me and indicate whether or not you would like your comments published in follow-on posts.

Finally, you may wish to bookmark this particular post so that the following terms discussions are easily referenced.

Term Sheet | Price
Term Sheet | Liquidation Preference
Term Sheet | Board of Directors
Term Sheet | Protective Provisions
Term Sheet | Drag Along
Term Sheet | Anti-Dilution
Term Sheet | Pay to Play
Term Sheet | Dividends
Term Sheet | Redemption Rights
Term Sheet | Conversion
Term Sheet | Conditions Precedent to Financing
Term Sheet | Vesting
Term Sheet | Information and Registration Rights
Term Sheet | Right of First Refusal
Term Sheet | Voting Rights and Employee Pool
Term Sheet | Restriction on Sales and Proprietary Info
Term Sheet | Founders Activities
Term Sheet | Initial Public Offering Shares Purchase
Term Sheet | No Shop Agreement
Term Sheet | Indemnification and Assignment
Term Sheet | Compelled Sale Right

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