Monday, October 12, 2009

Under Construction | CLSDF to the All New LSDF!

Good morning. Please note blog coverage this week of 12 October will be spotty as a result of new changes being implemented, particularly:

1) The evolution of [Colorado] Life Science Deal Flow (version 1.0 currently located at the url is progressing to the new Life Science Deal Flow blog (version 2.0 located at the url Note: the previous url redirect from to has now been officially terminated.

2) A new “look and feel” is being deployed, to include logo modifications, a new cool color palete, and an improved and easy to navigate site layout, etc.

3) New advertising options will become available that combine with the Life Science Deal Flow sister site to provide unique and targeted combined advertising campaigns that leverage i. site-based (LSDF & OnBioVC) ii. subscription-based (email and RSS) and iii. print-based (Monthly OnBioVC Trend Analysis reports) exposure. (contact me for more information), and finally…

4) If you are asking yourself “why this, why now?” Well...perhaps you have too much free time on your hand however, this catalyst for change, specifically the broadening of content covered from Colorado-specific entities to more national and international in scope is a result of both the maturation of the ecosystem and indication from folks of a high interest in an expansion of the content funnel.

Certainly we understand some faithful readers may be lost as a result of the new Life Science Deal Flow orientation (we have appreciated your steadfast patronage over the years). For those focused solely on Colorado life science content I encourage you to follow the coverage provided by our friends at Rocky Radar. To those of you who continue on this new evolutionary branch with us, first allow me to thank you for your loyalty, support and inspiration, and please be aware that a slight modification to your email and/or RSS feed will be requested (directions will be provided) when we return to the air. As always please forward tips, requests, questions and comments to me at

Please Stay Tuned! We Will Return to the Air Shortly!

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