Wednesday, June 22, 2005

2005 Life Sciences Composite Index Ranking

This week the Milken Institute released their 2005 Life Sciences Composite Index ranking. I would be interested in attempting to calc out just where Colorado may currently rank based upon the suite of metrics used in the 145 page report (email me if you would like a copy of it). When time does allow for such an undertaking, I would plan to derive a composite benchmark index based upon the top ranking bio-clusters and include variables such as entrepreneurship, related degree's granted, capital raised and, marketed products etc. to then examine the relative rankings of the "next-tier" centers such as the Austin’s, Ann Arbor’s and Denver’s etc., essentially what Milken is already doing. But without further ado here are the Milken rankings:

1. Boston (100)
2. Greater San Francisco (98.4)
3. Greater Philadelphia (97.1)
4. Greater New York (94.6)
5. Greater Raleigh-Durham (91.1)
6. San Diego (90.7)
7. Greater Los Angeles (87.0)
8. Minneapolis (77.9)
9. Chicago (75.9)
10. Seattle (70.9)
11. Dallas (55.2)


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