Sunday, June 26, 2005

Protein Origami – BaroFold Style

Among the most common difficulties bio-pharma is faced with when producing recombinant therapeutic proteins is that of protein clumping or aggregation. Such protein aggregation may result in adverse events in patients, limited effectiveness, and a reduction in production yields, at times by as much as 50%, proving to be an incredible cost center.

BaroFold, Inc. has derived and patented a new protein processing technology that refolds the recombinant proteins at higher concentrations then traditional methods for combating the aggregation problem - historically, utilizing chemical solubilization and column chromatography techniques. BaroFold’s new and revolutionary methodology employs a protein disaggregation and refolding technology which provides yields of nearly 100% using a simple, reliable and rapid process that is easily adapted to either commercial industrial scale or research application size.

The BaroFold advantages are several:

• May provide significant production cost savings
• Removal of aggregates may represent significantly safer product
• Product yields may be markedly increased
• Such yields may increase increase production capacity

Under the leadership of Dr. Lyndal Hesterberg, Ph.D. who brings twenty-five years of senior management experience in recombinant therapeutic proteins with prior posts at Syngene, Amgen, BioStar and, SomaLogic, a sophisticated multi-channel business model has not only been derived but is being executed upon with approximately 20 pharmaceutical protein licenses to date, thereby participating in real free cash flow. Co-scientific founders Dr.’s John Carpenter and Theodore Randolph are truly leading the charge in next-generation protein biochemistry while directing the University of Colorado’s Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

BaroFold, Inc. has truly mastered the not so ancient art of ori-tanpakushitsu, protein folding.

For investor information contact me or Lyndal Hesterberg, Ph.D..

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