Monday, June 13, 2005

PhosphoSolutions...Not Your Mother's Antibody

How does one accelerate a new biotechnology company from zero to cash flow positive and profitability in year-one? Just ask Dr. Mike Browning, Ph.D., President and CEO of PhosphoSolutions, Inc., he can provide you with that elusive answer. PhosphoSolutions has achieved such rock-star status in a remarkably short period of time and has added double-digit growth every year since its founding. The key has been the (growing) product library of phosphoprotein specific antibodies that provide researchers around the world with the next generation tools that enable them to move their proteomic work forward. Dr. Browning and his team may be thought of as creating a modern day Gutenberg press, permitting scientists to read how this critically important class of proteins regulates processes such as cell division in cancer to neuronal communication in Alzheimer’s.

Phosphorylation regulates protein function by affecting the conformation or shape of the protein. These induced structural changes regulate a variety of processes such as enzymatic activities and protein-protein interactions. What PhosphoSolutions product offerings provide the researcher is the ability to assay the state of phosphorylation of specific proteins, which is of great advantage in the race to establish the function of a given protein, and it is also critical for the identification of drugs that can influence the function of proteins as a result of phosphorylation.

PhosphoSolutions is however, much more than just a phospho-specific antibody manufacturer. Dr. Browning and company are intending to address the high-throughput needs of proteomic research via the deployment of protein micro-array chips which leverage the phospho-antibodies as capture or detection reagents. Such a chip will allow for a simultaneous measurement of the phosphorylation states of multiple distinct phospho-proteins all in a single sample.

If you think that this new micro-array chip channel is not worth a second glance I highly recommend taking a look at Affymetrix (NASDAQ: AFFX) and their 3.32 billion–dollar market cap. This should provide some insight as to the potential market need to address such critical phospho-centric questions and the value behind the IP.

Dr. Browning and his talented team at PhosphoSolutions truly are authoring the script for a blockbuster.

For investor information contact me or Dr. Mike Browning, Ph.D..

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