Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cytologic: Unleashing New Immunotherapies

CytoLogic, Inc. is a development-stage company pursuing the commercialization of a novel biological treatment for cancer. CytoLogic's lead technology, the patented UNLEASH™ Immunotherapy, uses a medical device – not a drug – to treat solid tumors. This new approach to cancer treatment was conceived by two of the company's shareholders, Dr. Mark Howell and Leland Leber. In a process conceptually similar to kidney dialysis, CytoLogic's proprietary immunosorbent device selectively removes specific blood-borne soluble inhibitors of the body's own immunological defenses. Elevated levels of these inhibitors have been demonstrated to be important in tumor survival; removal of the same inhibitors has been shown to lead to reduction in size or destruction of many solid tumors. CytoLogic's technology is protected by patents issued and pending in the U.S. and foreign markets; to date they have raised $2.1 million from private investors. CytoLogic's facility is currently being expanded to include FDA cGMP compliant manufacturing space. Animal studies have been initiated and it is anticipated that human clinical trials will commence in early 2006.

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