Wednesday, October 12, 2005

InViragen: Fighting Flaviviruses

InViragen, LLC was formed by Dr. Dan Stinchcomb to identify promising Dengue and West Nile vaccine technologies. The business plan calls for the completion of preclinical and Phase 1 and 2 clinical development., the vaccines then will be licensed to major pharmaceutical companies for Phase 3 clinical studies, manufacturing and marketing in the US and Europe. Through its collaborators, InViragen will complete clinical trials, manufacture and market the vaccines for the developing world and for biodefense. Using the same hybrid virus technology developed for the dengue vaccine, InViragen's collaborators at the CDC engineered a novel West Nile vaccine. The vaccine has protected mice from disease in preclinical studies. With its collaborators at the CDC, InViragen is selecting final vaccine candidates and formations and will initiate pivotal preclinical studies. Financing, to date, has been solely from the founders' private funds and is seeking seed funding of $250,000 to complete the dengue and West Nile vaccine development plans, support patent costs and begin to grow the organization.

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