Monday, October 17, 2005

MBC Pharma: Managing Toxicity Risk

MBC Pharma, Inc. is working to commercialize pharmaceutical technology invented by the late Prof. Marat Karpeisky and Professor H.B.F. Dixon. They were joined by H. Lee Sturgeon (Cortech co-founder) to form the company. MBC intends to establish the therapeutic potential of its vitamin B6-bisphosphonate family of compounds as new therapies for osteoporosis and complications arising from metastatic bone disease. The oncology products are being developed to treat metastatic bone disease associated with the three most prevalent cancers (breast, prostate and lung) plus multiple myeloma. The lead structures are unique in that they are new chemical entities, proprietary to the company, yet are constructed from established and proven drugs, therefore managing the risk of clinical stage failure due to toxicity or lack of efficacy. In addition, MBC will expand its patented chemotherapy-bisphosphonate conjugates as therapeutic modalities for direct treatment of metastatic tumors and, pursue applications of its intellectual property in new disease areas. The Company has raised approximately $1.2 million to date through grants and private funding and will leverage those funds with SBIR and STTR grants to achieve early stage, preclinical development goals.


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