Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thinc Pharma: Think Bunker Busting

Dr. Alex Kohav founded Thinc Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to develop advanced therapeutics for diseases that currently have no effective treatment, like liver cancer or inflammatory bowel disease, or have an extremely difficult therapeutic procedure. The Company is identifying and in-licensing currently available innovative technologies from around the US and as a result has exclusively in-licensed a significant patent portfolio for therapeutics in oncology (seven patents), iron chelation (four patents) and gastroenterology (eight patents). Steven Girgenti, CEO of Ogilvy Healthworld, and Norman Meier, CEO of Pharmamatrix, Inc., have recently joined Thinc's Board of Directors. Thinc is entering into alliances with a major Japanese trading company and a collaborative agreement with a US-based pharmaceutical company to advance Phase II clinical trials for Thinc's lead compound, Antiferron, and the start of Phase I clinical trials for TPN-444, Thinc's lead compound for Alzheimer's Disease, is anticipated to commence shortly.


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