Thursday, July 05, 2007

Class I Bard Bio-Fellows Named!

The new Bard Center Bioscience Program (BCBP) is an intensive, year-long program that equips emerging Colorado life scientists with the knowledge, skills, experience and contacts to integrate as a value-add contributor into the region’s biocluster. BCBP provides a pathway for life science graduate, postdoctoral and business students to gain employment in the Colorado bioscience ecosystem by delivering academic and real-world bioscience company experience.

The program will provide: A rigorous 6-month academic component & 6-month internship and Capstone project - An understanding of the legal, business and regulatory environment of bioscience commercialization - Hands-on experience in facilitating and analyzing technology transfer and business development opportunities – Develop a repertoire of connections to a network of industry, service provider, research and public sector contacts in the Colorado biocluster - Discover where personal interest and aptitude fit bioscience employment market needs – And build marketable skills that develop and meet the highly-skilled and specialized needs of our growing bioscience ecosystem

The 2007-2008 Class I Bio-Fellows to participate in the BCBP have been named via a competitive selection process. CLSDF will feature the five members of BCPB Class I in subsequent posts and will track their stay tuned in.

To learn more about this program visit BCBP (here) or contact:

Dave O'Brien, MBA or Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA

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