Sunday, July 08, 2007

Now...Something Completely Different…

Since the launch of CLSDF I’ve worked diligently to keep my personal life off of this blog, primarily because who out there really cares what I am up to outside of my bio-life. Well, I can no longer contain myself and must now spill the beans about what I have been up to since Friday at 6:00pm.

Thanks to a global invitation, from my friend Andrew Hyde, to join in on StartupWeekend I will have had virtually no sleep for 55 hours straight. The same applies to 69 of my other newest and closest friends. Not surprisingly I am not the only biologist sitting in this sweltering room above University Bikes in Boulder, CO, three other compatriots whose work ranges from medicinal chemistry, bio-engineering and aiding the EPA draft their early work on GMO crops are sitting and sweating side-by-side, working feverishly and tirelessly to translate this dream into reality.

The plan here is to create a startup in weekend. How simple... The first step was to collectively decide what the business to be will be…then it was an organic and orderly divide and conquer approach. The business units deployed include(ed), marketing, PR, legal, business development, creative, user experience, front-end development and back-end development.

In approximately 24 hours we garnered national and international press and this press has led to over 100,000 hits on the StartupWeekend blog thru noon on Sunday afternoon!!! Truly Amazing!!!

So you may be wondering what are we launching by 11:59pm Sunday night? Well, I would like to introduce you to VoSnap…a social voting tool that reduces time wasted on decision-making, and gives instant or quick vote feedback on fun or serious decisions. Users can create a poll, send it, and receive the results via cell phone SMS text or e-mail. Use VoSnap to decide where you and your friends should go for dinner or where your annual shareholder meeting should be held.

11 hours till product launch…Gotta get VoSnap done as it is back to bio first thing Monday morning. Whatever happens it has been a delightful experience to meet so many intelligent, friendly and approachable folks. Stranger one moment, perhaps new friend(s) for life? Whatever the outcome is for VoSnap the experience has been once-in-a-lifetime...

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