Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Caveo Therapeutics: At Lead Optimization

Caveo Therapeutics (Aurora, CO) is developing a pipeline of innovative biopharmaceutical products for the treatment and cure of hematologic malignancies as well as metastatic disease. Lead candidates have been identified following in vivo preclinical studies and are currently undergoing lead optimization. The company’s technologies identify biological inhibitors that block receptors on various cell types against excessive or inappropriate activation which can lead to malignancy. The initial products are designed to inhibit the TAM, Tyro-3, Axl and Mer family of receptor tyrosine kinases, which participate in the blood clotting cascade and are implicated in many cancers including refractory leukemias and lymphomas.

In addition, Caveo Therapeutics has available two highly specific monoclonal antibodies to the Mer receptor tyrosine kinase: CVO-311 and CVO-312 to detect Mer expressed in human tissue, cell lines and the extracellular domain shed into plasma by metalloprotease cleavage.

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