Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sniffing Out Cardiac Attack and Bird Flu

AlphaSniffer has developed a highly-sensitive biosensor for detection of trace amounts (~pg/mm2) of bacteria, viruses, proteins, nucleic acids, antibodies and other biological and chemical agents in real-time and with minimal human intervention. Recently they were awarded a $200,000 SBIR grant by the NIH to develop its compact, label free, sensitive and rel-time platform that is capable of multiplex detection of biomarkers and pathogens using glycan microarrays. In addition AlphaSniffer received a $100,000 NSF grant to develop the platform for use as a cardiac diagnostic instrument.

Congratulations to Dr. Misha Plam, CEO and the entire AlphaSniffer team on these awards! Good luck as they accelerate development in the point of care rapid detection of impending cardiac attack and troponin and myoglobin measurements, as well as the glycan array technology to detect bird flu.

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