Thursday, October 11, 2007

Narcissism: Big Pharma 411!?

Nar-cis-sism [nahr-suh-siz-em], noun.

  1. Inordinate fascination with oneself, excessive self-love, vanity
  2. Psychoanalysis. Gratification derived from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes
Those regular viewer-readers of CLSDF, not those who subscribe via email or RSS (many thanks to all of the subscribers!) may have observed a new and prominently placed banner titled Big Pharma 411 at the top of the page. Big Pharma 411 is my latest foray into the blog-o-sphere and I struggled and squirmed while deciding whether or not to add the banner link to BP411 here. The catalyst of the new blog creation is simply to architect a placeholder for me to aggregate my research and address my deficiency knowing (or not knowing well enough in my case) of just exactly who is doing what in big pharma. Here then now is a place to build and house such an information repository.

So then if this tool is for my personal development why place it for the world to see? That is an easy question to address, for the blog software chosen allows for 1) me to access the info just about wherever I am and 2) the blog software chosen allows for a fantastic approach to organizing all of the content. It beats building a spread sheet any day of the week and thus was a no-brainer to select.

The struggle was with who to tell or not tell about this new endeavor. Since at some point the search engine bots will eventually pick-up Big Pharma 411 I decided to throw caution to the wind and bring it to the CLSDF’s audience’s attention. Who knows…perhaps this may actually be useful to someone other than myself?

So would it be awful of me to ask that you subscribe to Big Pharma 411 (here)?

I ask myself is it then narcissistic to cross-promote and/or self-promote these blogs? Without delving to deep into the dark crevasses of self I put forth that it is in fact without a doubt, at some level, a narcissistic approach but is blogging in general narcissistic? The answer to that question is, context dependent, and often unambiguously no. For in the world today speed to information is powerful, the internet, be it words, pictures, audio or video delivers so many flavors of information and so quickly that it may be a disadvantage to opt out of participating. The blog-o-sphere has created a doorway for absolutely anyone to merge onto this information superhighway. Without a doubt sensitivities abound with information, especially if there is proprietary information and/or regulatory bodies are involved be it the SEC or the FDA with the entity or individual. In this authors humble opinion, a mere static website is not enough to add to competitive advantage. Dynamic, fresh content of a protected or non-proprietary nature serves customers of all types, from up-stream investors, to down-stream licensees/licensors, suppliers, the media and even those who will eventually purchase your product.

So do not hesitate to deploy that new online strategy, if properly managed it may lend untold economic value, jump on in, the water is warm!

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