Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Source MDx: RNA State of Mind

No doubt about it Colorado is, to borrow poorly from Billy Joel, an RNA State of Mind. What with the Nobel Prize winning work of Tom Cech for the discovery of catalytic properties of RNA, to the work being done at Sirna now Merck (NYSE: MRK) where RNAi technology is being used to develop a new class of therapeutics targeting human disease, to Steve Scaringe of Dharmacon now Fisher Scientific (NYSE: FSH) for developing and commercializing a new technology for RNA oligonucleotide synthesis (2’-ACE RNA chemistry).

Add to the list Boulder’s Source MDx (molecular diagnostics). Source MDx is focused on the development of RNA-based biomarkers and companion diagnostics in inflammation related therapeutic areas including oncology, cardiovascular, autoimmune and infectious diseases for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Source MDx has pioneered the precision measurement and clinical utility of RNA-based biomarkers in the characterization of inflammation and immune response and is an industry leader in demonstrating the ability to monitor an individual’s health, disease status and response to therapy at the molecular level based on RNA from whole blood, tissue and biofluid samples.

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