Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Personalized Medicine Colorado Style

It is exciting to see how the Colorado community is heating up around biomarkers and diagnostics. What is even hotter to me is when one of these molecular diagnostics forge an intimate relationship with and become a companion to enabling a genetically targeted therapeutic.

Well, we here in Colorado are lucky to have one such company pursuing that endeavor, ARCA Discovery. CLSDF has previously highligted ARCA so we won’t start from the beginning, what should be highlighted is is that the recently reported data on bucindolol, ARCA’s next-generation beta-blocker beta-blocker and vasodilator for heart failure and other indications, continues to show promise in becoming the first genetically-targeted cardiovascular drug, that is thanks to ARCA’s founders who have demonstrated genetic polymorphisms that interact with bucindolol's unique pharmacology to modify patient response.

For fear of putting some readers to sleep by detailing the numerous study results lets allow Michael Bristow, MD., Ph.D. Founder, Chair and Chief Science and Medical Officer of ARCA Discovery to sum it up...

"The data presented today provided us with more evidence supporting the potential of bucindolol as a targeted therapy for the treatment of heart failure. Importantly, we are encouraged by the data demonstrating bucindolol’s effect in preventing atrial fibrillation and life threatening ventricular arrhythmia, showing the promise for bucindolol in additional indications. In addition, the BEST trial investigators were able to extend the observation of pharmacogenetic targeting of bucindolol to benefits on cardiovascular hospitalizations, which in effect gives the drug and targeting concept a broader application.

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