Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hiberna: In the Spotlight

Very stealthy Boulder-based Hiberna Corporation has landed rather subtly on the radar, appearing in a Forbes article last week (read the article (here)). The piece is focused upon a variety of companies and technologies who are pursuing the potential clinical application of hibernation in order to slow metabolism thereby extending survival limits in traumas that reduce oxygen to certain cells, e.g. in the heart and brain.

Hiberna, founded in 2007 by Gordon Van Dusen, MS, MBA former VP of business development with Myogen (IPO NASDAQ: MYOG then acquired by Gilead) and Tom Marr, Ph.D. former founder of Genomica (IPO NASDAQ: GNOM then acquired by Exelixis) have been backed by Boulder Ventures and the Peierls Foundation and are pursuing drug development efforts based upon novel model organisms that exhibit profound biology and are using microarrays to screen a variety of genes that may be critical in the tissue protection process during hibernation.

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