Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Northern CO Bioscience Cluster

All along the Front Range I can hear the sound of patents and articles-of-incorporation being filed, and new life science entities opening their doors. Larimer County is a concentrated region certainly a-buzz with such entrepreneurial activity. If you have not done so yet be certain to take a look at the Larimer Bioscience Cluster web site (here or to get a feel for the energy.

The mission of the Larimer Bioscience Cluster is to mobilize resources, coordinate actions and identify long-term partnerships to grow Larimer County into an important regional and national center for the biosciences. Kathy Kregel is doing a fantastic job aggregating vigor as the Director and deploying the LBC key strategies:

  1. Improve the availability of funding for bioscience companies, especially seed and early stage assistance.
  2. Enhance the success rate of small/startup bioscience companies, and support the needs of existing firms in the region.
  3. Support Colorado State University’s critical role in the statewide bioscience effort, including maximizing the commercialization of bioscience discoveries at the University.
Finally, be certain to take a look at the Building Northern Colorado’s Bioscience Future (here) chock full ‘o great stuff and updated in January 2008. CLSDF is eager to be featuring even more great technologies and companies sprouting to our north.

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