Monday, March 24, 2008

Boulder Biotechnology Company Tree Version 1.4

You may have seen this impressive Boulder Biotechnology Company Tree document before, perhaps even here on the CLSDF side-bar; click (here) for the .pdf. For those of you who have not previously taken a look be prepared to 1) be wow-ed and 2) have the point driven home on what an incredibly robust trajectory Boulder and the Colorado life science ecosystem are headed on towards achieving a top biocluster ranking.

The team at Boulder Ventures continue to do amazing work on this chronological biobusiness journey, and this most recent version keeps the story updated through October of 2007. Spend some time looking at all of the acquisitions that have transpired and just let all of that value creation sink in (more wow factor). Is it $1B, $10B, $100B? Take your best guess and leave it in the comments section (along with your email or simply email me your guess) for an opportunity to win an exciting CLSDF prize. Winner to be announced next Monday, so hurry and have those guesses submitted!

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