Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snoasis Medical | Born to Smile!

Commercial-stage Snoasis Medical (Denver, CO) is focused on the development and commercialization of products which redefine the way clinicians perform perioplastic surgery. The core technology behind Snoasis Medical’s current product offering is placental tissue. These placental tissue products are believed to be the first of its kind for dental applications and possess features and benefits which may lead to improved satisfaction for the patient and the clinician. BioCover™, the initial Snoasis product to reach the market, represents possibly the first allograft composed of amnion tissue for use as a wound covering for the treatment of gingival recession.

This novel solution to gingival recession is a processed, dehydrated graft containing multiple layers of human amnion tissue. BioCover™ technology leverages the basement membrane architecture of oral mucosal tissue and the high concentration of the adhesion factor, laminin-5. The product does not require hydration prior to use – it rehydrates upon placement and naturally self-adheres to the exposed root surface and proximal bone, this unique attribute eliminates the need to suture the graft into place – and therefore BioCover™ may become the preferred procedure to the current standard-of-care where patient tissue is first harvested from the palate and then sutured in place.

Greg Gumbel, host of the business news program, The Economic Report takes his camera and staff on a journey exploring the large market of gingival recession, or receding gum lines, (>25% of US adults, Company data) and details how and why the BioCover™ solution brought to market by Snoasis Medical is positioned to potentially transform the use of amniotic tissue and the incorporation of regenerative medicine in the dentistry market. Watch the video below, or if reading this via email or RSS-reader click [HERE] to view. Finally read the coverage of Snoasis Medical in the July 2009 issue of Orthopedics This Week [HERE].

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