Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tape-Delay from the RMLSIC | 3 of 4

Today’s third of four installments covering the Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference focuses on the medical device presenting companies. In addition, here are some links to the additional coverage:

Part I – The Dx companies [HERE]
Part II – The Biopharma companies [HERE]
Part iV – Summary [In the Works]

BiOptix – Boulder, CO-based BO has developed a highly sensitive biosensor for real-time detection of trace amounts (~pg/mm^2) of bacteria, viruses, proteins, miRNA and other nucleic acids, and antibodies. The patented biosensor design relies upon common path interferometric detection in combination with non-resonant surface Plasmon excitation – the design of which was conceived by University Colorado 2005 Physics Nobel Prize Laureate and BO Chief Scientific Advisor John Hall.

Coherex – Salt Lake City, UT-based commercial-stage CH is focused on catheter-based technologies for the treatment of certain structural heart defects. The initial focus is on a minimally invasive device to treat a common defect called Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). The FlatStent™ PFO Closure System includes an implantable, self-expanding Nitinol stent with a polymer substrate designed to stimulate tissue growth within the PFO. AN exclusive multi-year distribution agreement with Abott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) was recently announced.

Kinetic Muscles – Tempe, AZ-based KM is a preclinical-stage medical tehnology company focusing on recovery for victims of stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological injury via the combination of robotic therapy technology and telemedicine to create a ‘virtual clinic’ that delivers therapy to the patients home. The company recently signed a supplier contract with Healthsouth (NYSE: HLS), the largest provider of rehabilitation services in the US.

Leap Frogg – Grand Junction, CO-based LF is a clinical-stage company developing the Frogg Dynamic Compression System, a venous augmentation system for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis prevention, pulmonary embolus prevention and edema therapy.

Medipacs – Tuscon, AZ-based MP is developing the Mini-Infuser™ a disposable infusion pump drug delivery system whose pumps utilize a polymer actuator that enables precise programmed delivery. The technology lowers manufacturing costs and enables the creation of small infusion devices that may be worn by patients.

Medivance – Louisville, CO-based MV is a commercial-stage company focused on the Actic Sun™ product, a therapeutic temperature management designed to improve patient outcomes through precise control of core body temperature after traumatic events such as cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic stroke.

Micro-Imaging Solutions – Greenwood Village, CO-based MIS has developed a technology enabling miniaturization of CMOS disposable micro-digital cameras that are low cost, high resolution and enable extreme product design flexibility in a variety of medical device applications that do or may not have previously incorporated imaging.

Numira Biosciences
– Salt Lake City, UT-based NB is a specialty Contract Research Organization focusing on Virtual Histology™, a new technology for soft tissue nas skeletal imaging combining proprietary contrast agents and software with microCT imaging; and, high performance visual analytics via the graphic processing unit for accelerated image processing and analysis techniques.

Regenesis Biomedical
– Scottsdale, AZ-based RB is a commercial-stage company marketing the Provant Therapy System® which delivers Cell Proliferation Induction® therapy into post-operative skin tissues to reduce pain and edema in the inflammatory phase of wound healing via triggering mitosis and gene expression of various growth factors, extracellular matrix proteins and enzymes involved in tissue repair and regenerations.

ThermImage – Salt Lake City, UT-based TI is a preclinical-stage company developing Thermaflux Scan™ for the safe and noninvasive detection of pediatric Vesicoureteral Reflux, a common and under-diagnosed condition where urine flows back to the kidneys from the bladder, exposing them to infection.

Valve Xchange
– Aurora, CO-based VX is a preclinical-stage company developing the Vitality™ Exchangeable Heart Valve for adult and pediatric/congenital heart valve disease – an permanently implanted docking station and exchangeable leaflet set, when needed, using minimally invasive techniques – offering a lifetimes tissue valve alternative to mainstream heart valve patients.

Vital Access – Salt Lake City, UT-based VA a developmental-stage company focused on Vital Access Venous Window™ a fully-interventional vessel anastomosis device enabling interventionalists to percutaneously create anastomoses (connecting two different vessels) without using sutures or the need for invasive surgery. The Venous Window™ may provide quicker, easier and more reliable cannulation access to hemodialysis patient’s fistula while also potentially improving fistula longevity and patient quality of life.

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