Monday, September 21, 2009

Tape-Delay from the RMLSIC | Part Deux

Continuing here with Part Deux of the Rocky Mountain Life Science Investor Conference presenting companies. Yesterday CLSDF posted the Diagnostic oriented entities, today we feature the biopharma folks.

ApopLogic – Aurora, CO-based AL is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, and development of therapeutic products that target apoptotic cell death pathways found in cancers, leukemias and lymphomas. The lead compound is Breceptin, a novel anti-cancer technology that antagonizes neuropeptide growth-factor receptors, targeting a broad range of cancers. The pipeline also includes Fasaret a proprietary therapy based on Fas ligand, an apoptotic cell death-inducing molecule with unique pro- inflammatory properties and Cytonil a proprietary combination of a cell-type specific growth factor and a cell signaling agonist to treat Sezary leukemia, cutaneous T cell lymphoma and psoriasis.

– Denver, CO-based AG is focused on pHPM, a ‘humanized’ purification of blood extracts for expansion of stem cells used for research & clinical applicications as well as wound healing in the dermal, orthopedic and additional soft tissue applications. The pHPM product is engineered to replace animal proteins in stem cell culture applications and augment existing in vitro culture media.

– Aurora, CO-based BA is focused on focused on the discovery and development of proprietary antimicrobial peptide therapeutic solutions for the treatment of systemic infectious diseases, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other resistant gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. A rational design platform has produced a large portfolio of D-confirmation, alpha-helical antimocrobial peptides that are structurally manipulated to alter their hydrophobicity and amphipathicity properties. The charge substitutions and structure alterations on both the polar and non-polar faces of the peptides produce a unique “carpeted model” mechanism of action, broad spectrum of activity, and low level of toxicity to human cells.

GlobeImmune – Louisville, CO-based GI develops active immunotherapies called Tarmogens® for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Tarmogens are recombinant yeast engineered to express disease antigens. Lead products include GI4000 and GI5005 both in Phase II for cancer and hepatitis C. The Tarmogen™ manufacturing process is simple and scalable with small molecule-like margins.

Inviragen – Ft. Collins, CO-based IV is focused on vaccines against emerging worldwide infectious diseases. Compounds queued up for clinical trials includes DENVax against dengue, HFMDVax against hand, foot and mouth disease and JEVax for Japanese encephalitis. In addition, are a number of ongoing vaccine research programs in chikungunya, HPV, influenza and plague vaccines.

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals
– Bozeman, MT-based LCP is a clinical-stage biologic drug development company focused on respiratory and gastrointestinal indications. The company’s virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine technologies support products that induce robust immune responses to prevent serious infections. The lead product is Norovirus VLP Vax in Phase I and the pipeline includes the biodefense vaccines against influenza and anthrax and the monoclonal antibodies Anti-CD103 partnered with Biogen Idec (NASDAQ: BIIB) and Anti-CD62 partnered with NIH.

miRagen – Boulder, CO-based MR is developing innovative microRNA (miRNA) based therapeutics for cardiovascular and muscle disease. The lead optimization pre-clinical pipeline candidates are focused on heart failure with indications of post-MI remodeling, chronic heart failure and refractory angina; broader cardiovascular disease including cardiac fibrosis, angioplasty/restenosis and arrhythmia; and, general fibrosis, muscular atrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Myocept – Lafayette, CO-based MC is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on biotherapeutics designed to modulate signal transduction through subtypes of the cholinergic receptor family (AChR). The receptors targeted control contraction of skeletal and smooth muscle fibers, while other members of the AChR family are involved in angiogenesis, pain, additiction, down-regulation of inflammatory immune responses and progression of certain cancers.

Western States Biopharma – Aurora, CO-based WSB is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapies that selectively modulate adaptive immunity to treat inflammatory diseases while concurrently affecting the immune system’s natural ability to fight disease. Potential lead indications under consideration for WSBI19711A include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ulcerative colitis, and anklyosing spondylitis.

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